Wednesday, 21 February 2007


I place 2 lucky chairs at the Kid castle at Le'Bear Castle since August 2006. Same as other lucky chairs in my other branches, all gifts inside change in every 2 months and not for sell. So they are limited edition gifts & very worth to keep it. Here I will show my lucky chairs gift at KID lines before 2007.

DEC2006/ JAN2007 Lucky chair gift. A really cute prim angel KID necklace & 3 style of KID christmas hair ribbons are this 2 months gift.

OCT/NOV 2006 lucky chair gift. Well Oct is Halloween & make me think of a cute 3D pumpkin with a moving fire eye. Another gifts was a cute pink kitty ear hat.

AUG/SEPT 2006 lucky chair gift. A very cute pink heart necklace for kid.