Saturday, 17 October 2009

Halloween 2009 Series- Fayetty pumpkin Kid

Fayetty kid Pumpkin poster

This Oct 2009 Halloween Kid Series - Fayetty Pumpkin is specially designed to match my friend shop LilSnow Kids new release Princess Pumpkin Fairy costume. This set is elaborated from my adult set Halloween 2009 Series- Faye Pumpkin. The little princess pumpkin fairy hold the baby pumpkin and the baby seed (the light green diamond) in this design. The round critine diamonds represent the happy, dream, joy, imginations that in the kid fairy heart.

Fayetty Pumpkin kid necklace

Fayetty Pumpkin kid earrings

Fayetty Deadly Pumpkin kid necklace

Fayetty Deadly Pumpkin kid earrings

I also make the bad pumpkin kid fairy set too in this series by using raw moonstone pumpkins (represent dead, dry, anger, lonely, cold), black diamonds seed (bad seed) and the blue black diamond to surrond the neck.

Want to see my adult set that design for the Mommy pumpkin fairy? Halloween 2009 Series- Faye Pumpkin

Love to be the little Princess pumpkin fairy? check LilSnow Kids

Where to buy them? Direct link to kid Shop (The kid necklace can modify so it can match big avatar too)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Amber Shamrock Kid necklace

LilSnow Kids design invited me to design a necklace to match her new Amber Flowergal Dress (Shamrock Version) that designed for St.Patrick's day. This Necklace is made with 3 different colour tones of emerald. It is transferable & Modify so it is a very nice gift for yourself , your kids or your friends. Since it is modifiable, it can also suit adult avatar too. Buy one at Alienbear Kid Store at Le'Bear Castles now!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

OCT-NOV 2007 LUCKY CHAIR GIFTS & Mobven gifts

After releasing the Silver & Antique Gold Oct/Nov Lucky Chair gifts, here comes the Kid one- the PUMPKIN THIEF. The main design is using the Skeleton hands in holding the Sunstone Pumpkin. This month I just place out one lucky chair in my kid line but with 2 prizes from the same chair - one is the silver version while other is the copper version. This is just design for gifting KIDS avatar so this is just TRANSFER ONLY.

It will be placed in main castle from today to 30 Nov 2007. Same as all my previous lucky chair gifts, they are:-
- not for sell now or in the future
- transferable
- just can be collect from the lucky chairs

These necklace can collect from Kid store lucky chair at 1/F

Well, since many adult avatars who love my designs always asked me if they can wear the kid lucky chair gifts, So this month I placed a MOD/TRANSFER version in the new MOBVEN at Ground floor of Kid Store beside the reception counter.

Two Necklaces (both silver & Copper) are in the mob ven with starting price $500L , More friend you bring to the front of the mobVen, More lower will be the price of this set. The lowest price of it will be $100L!! Same as all my previous design, they are all craft by primary prims & is my original design. It will be placed in main castle from today to 30 Nov 2007. Same as all my previous Mobven gifts, they are:-
- not for sell now or in the future
- just can be get from the mobven

Collect the lucky chair ones for your little girls & buy the Modify one from our mobven & wear with your daughters! No kid avatar or no kids? no worry, the modify one from the mobven can be mod to match adult av! (Check here!) Good luck!

Friday, 14 September 2007

Jewelry Expo 1L necklaces!!

Jewelry Expo (15 Sept 2007- 22 Sept 2007) is coming! The theme is "Celestial" in this year. I designed a necklace for kid in SL. I used the main design theme of my Adult Queen Galaxy auction set to make this kid design.

This design represent the sun (the middle sunstone), the moons (the side moon shapes cat's eye stone) & the stars (the diamonds stars). It just like stars, moon & sun hanging & flying in the Galaxy.

This stone colours will ONLY available in this Jewelry Expo. After expo, I will just place out one gemstone colour of each per week. So yes this is the start of your collections. Don't miss the first one!!

How much? 1L!!
Permission? no transfer (adult can suit too as it can be modify)
Where to get? shop 64 of expo venue- Shop 64

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


After updating the Lucky chair gifts @ Alienbear Design (Platinum line) & BijouxOr Design (Gold line), Here comes the kid luckychair gifts in the 2 chairs of Alienbear Kid Design main store . They are a very cute crown shape princess necklace & the hairclip. yes all craft with prims, even the words "Princess" on the necklace :D

It will be placed in main castle from today to 30 Sept 2007.

Same as all my previous lucky chair gifts, they are:-

- not for sell now or in the future

- transferable

- just can be collect from the luckychair.

Get ready now! & go to Alienbear Kid Design main store to find all 2 chairs & collect this full set NOW!!

Monday, 25 June 2007

New Kid castle Place

I did a reconstruction of Le'Bear castles & the New kid castle finally built. My kid store is already moved in & few awesome kid designer's shop will be move in one by one soon. Kid shop advertising area will be moved there too.

New Le'Bear Castle Direct link

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

New Store @ Cambrian

This is my papa & mami's ABC Adoption Center . He gave me a spot to place my kid designs there! Tysm papa! Here you can find most of my kid jewelry & accessories. If you want to be adopted or adopt a kid, ABC Adoption Center is a right place for you! You can also find some cool Playground stuff in my papa store Play Day Center . Papa make awesome & the biggest playground stuff in SL , the most unique one is the "Monkey bar" & the sliding wheel "Zip wire". You can find those in my Zoo too! But sure the one in my Zoo are custom made. Beside these, if you are a cute little girl & love some cute dresses, you absolutely need to visit LilSnow Kids Design mini store beside my spot! See my dress I am wearing in the picture? This is Lilprincess Snowdrop coming design! She made the best Kid dresses I found in SL.