Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Princess Fiorella KID Hair Flower & earring/ necklace set

Basing on my cousin Lilprincess snowdrop 's very pretty Princess Fiorella Flower Fairy Pink Dress , I designed this Earring/Necklace set & the hair flowers in pink. These are flowers in shape with a pink sapphire in the middle of the flowers and few diamonds as the leaves. The necklace is modify so if you are in adult av but love this also, you can just shrink to suit your body.

To match the dress, I design this hair flowers band. I used white & pink flowers with some ribbon lace to make this hair band. At the back you can see a lace ribbon bow to tie the flowerband up. It look very loverly & cute for a flowergirl or fairy. Will make more colours soon.
This hair band is modify so can suit all heads that in same size or bigger size than mine.

You can find these at Alienbear KID Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz.