Friday, 14 September 2007

Jewelry Expo 1L necklaces!!

Jewelry Expo (15 Sept 2007- 22 Sept 2007) is coming! The theme is "Celestial" in this year. I designed a necklace for kid in SL. I used the main design theme of my Adult Queen Galaxy auction set to make this kid design.

This design represent the sun (the middle sunstone), the moons (the side moon shapes cat's eye stone) & the stars (the diamonds stars). It just like stars, moon & sun hanging & flying in the Galaxy.

This stone colours will ONLY available in this Jewelry Expo. After expo, I will just place out one gemstone colour of each per week. So yes this is the start of your collections. Don't miss the first one!!

How much? 1L!!
Permission? no transfer (adult can suit too as it can be modify)
Where to get? shop 64 of expo venue- Shop 64